BARR. A membership organisation providing a Forum for the exchange of information, knowledge and best practice.


Am I too small to be a member?
No, there is no upper or lower limit on size of entry. We have member events ranging from the largest to right down in size to one that has 150 entrants. Such events may be small but they also want to be organised to the highest standards possible.


But would my concerns interest you or others?

Yes – definitely! Few find that their concerns are unique. Also, the whole sport is under pressure from a wide variety of problems – be that Health & Safety, Police, Duty of Care, Risk Assessment etc. There never has been a more significant time for events to band together to both share problems and present a united front for the common good of the sport. As a consequence of its relationship with UK Athletics, BARR is in a unique position to express your views and concerns at the highest level. Remember, this is the foremost association for those who organise road and multi-terrain events


The annual cost of membership for events with less than 1,500 entrants is just £25 per year- the cost of just 2 or 3 race entries to your event. Consider the advantages and benefits you can obtain from this modest outlay? It’s genuine value for money!


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Membership application form - Road Races

Membership application form - Road Races

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Membership application form - Multi Terrain

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