Race Grading : The Race Grading Scheme is designed and administered by BARR for the improvement of race management and race organisational standards.


Road Races and Multi-Terrain Grading


Race Scrutiny
It is considered important that the top-level races, in particular, should have their Grade validated by observation and therefore all "Gold" Grade events are scrutinised on race day following the award of the grade. "Silver" and "Bronze" Grade races are subject to random scrutiny.


Grades are awarded for one year only so that any eligible event has to make a fresh application each year.

How to apply
Grading application is made on a Grading form available from BARR Registrar.


BARR Member Events seeking a grade apply direct to their BARR Regional Representative whose contact details are included on the Regional Representative page.


If you require full details of the BARR Grading Scheme please contact:

John Caunter
BARR Treasurer/Registrar,
27 Swallowfield Rise,
Devon. TQ2 7SF

Telephone: 01803 613771
e-mail: john.caunter@barr-online.org.uk



The BARR Race Grading scheme

Some further details:

1. Criteria demanded of all applicants are subject to periodic revision and it is essential that you complete the most up-to-date version of the application form

2. The form is divided into 5 sections namely;
- Race Management
- Pre-race organisation and facilities at the Start
- On course facilities and arrangements
- Drink & sponge stations, communications and medical
- The Finish

3. Depending upon its importance, each section is allocated a number of marks. Each section has a pre-determined “pass” mark and an applicant has to secure a pass in all five sections

4. The award of a Gold or Silver Grade is purely objective and will be determined by the number of marks awarded

5. The award of a Bronze Grade is dependent upon confirmation that a set of criteria, similar but in addition to those required in the Race Licence Standards will be applied to both the organisation and facilities provided by the applicant

6. As these criteria are exactly the same criteria demanded by BARR as part of its membership application process it means that all events accepted as BARR members automatically qualify for, and receive a Bronze Grade

7. BARR members may then apply for an upgrade to either Silver or Gold Grade in the same way as non-BARR members



How do I apply?


Any event, which has been issued with a UKA RACE LICENCE, having signed off to the UKA Licence Standards, is eligible to apply for a grade.



A grading fee is payable for each application and graded events are also required to reimburse the expenses of scrutineers.


The basis of awarding grades

The questions on the application form are subjected to a standard scoring procedure and a grade is awarded (or not) according to the score obtained. Although all grades are, in the first instance, awarded solely on trust from the application paperwork there is provision for confirmation by "at race" scrutiny.


Number and title of the grades

There are 3 grades, in descending order, Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Events are issued with a grade certificate plus the appropriate logo which must be added to all race literature.

Gold Race Grade


The highest of the grades which demands the very highest standards of race organisation and provision

Silver Grade


Bronze Grade


Also awarded to every event that satisfies the criteria for BARR membership


All events must display the Grade Logo, along with their UKA Race Licence Number and Certified Course Accuracy Logo on all their race literature. Members of BARR must also display their membership Logo.