BARR Race Scrutineers

As of 1st January 2007 UK Athletics officially recognised the role of BARR Scrutineers and introduced accreditation as Technical Officials. Levels 2b & 3.

If a national grading scheme is to have consistency then it must have some means of “quality control” to ensure both compliance as well as equality of standard – i.e. that a Gold Grade in one part of the country is equal to that in another area of the country.

To facilitate this BARR has a register of qualified Race Scrutineers. Their task is to assess that ALL aspects of the event have met the required standard.

To do this the Scrutineer will require relevant information before the event as well as attending in person on Race Day to observe and produce a report.


It has been agreed with UKA/runbritain that if a BARR Scrutineer is attending your event and that they are registered as an Event Adjudicator they can fulfil both roles, as the BARR scrutineer is trained to a higher standard than the UKA Event Adjudicator.

Race Scrutineer in action Race Scrutineer in action

Part of that exercise includes issuing “Post-race questionnaires” to a random sample of competitors. Comments received from these, plus those of the scrutineer, form the basis of the Scrutineers Report that is sent to the event organiser.

This may confirm that everything met the required standards or it may itemise areas for attention prior to the next running of the event. As an event must apply for grading every year then if there were problems, assurances will be sought to guarantee that deficiencies will be rectified. If not forthcoming then no grading will be issued for the following year.

Anybody interested in qualifying as a UKA Accredited BARR Race Scrutineer should contact the General Secretary of BARR for details of training courses.

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